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Working in a country far away from one’s own and in a lucrative position is what many cherish but few achieve. Some like taking up unskilled job positions anywhere else but home while others would rather find jobs suitable to their qualifications. Whichever way one wants it, Nigeria presents a huge opportunity for you.

Nigeria is the sixth largest producer of crude oil in the world. Everyone knows that but that’s just a tip of the iceberg! Apart from the array of job positions available in the highly lucrative oil sector, the agricultural sector is yearning for both skilled and unskilled workers and investors too. The land is fertile, the weather good, the market untapped, the people highly receptive and hospitable. This sector has a good potential for you.

Another area you may consider is the technology sector. Nigeria is currently the biggest consumer of technological products in Africa. Most of these products are imported without after sales support or service providers therefore creating a big opportunity for the little number of technicians available. Nigeria has a population of 150 million. Does that tell you anything?

Other sectors needing workers, both expatriates and locals include the mining sector (gold, precious stones, coal, limestone etc), educational sector, tourism and hospitality sector, aviation sector and energy sector.

The bad press Nigeria gets leaves some people with the belief that Nigeria is a “no-go-area”. This assumption is very laughable. Nigeria is investor friendly but just like any other country, has its fair share of social vices. With the arrival of democracy since 1999, there has been a dramatic fall in crime and related vices. If the Chinese, Indians, Lebanese, Britons and Americans living and working in Nigeria can tell you their true experiences here, you’d be on the next available flight to Lagos!

Finally, local newspapers are replete with advertisements seeking expatriate workers. The only snag is that most expatriates never get to read those newspapers! Not any longer. [] is a multi-lingual website dedicated to people wanting to work in Nigeria from around the world but never get to know where to start. It contains daily job vacancies in all disciplines complete with addresses and full contacts of the employers. So, what one needs is just to visit the site, view and apply instantly for jobs. Welcome to Nigeria.


Source by Awele Kevin Odigo

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