Wind Power for Green Living

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Wind energy improves the world through adding long-lasting renewable energy. Forms of renewable energy include solar, wind, and hydro energy. Renewable energy does not deplete the world’s resources. Renewable energy lowers energy cost over the medium and long-term and prevents overuse of fossil fuels. This lowers the carbon footprint of the user.

Windmills can installed on a small-scale for homeowners, ranchers, farmers, and retail business owners. This type of energy application may require back-up energy from your local utility or energy company for steady energy. Most regions do not have wind resources available 24/7. There are large commercial wind farms developed in communities where the population supports green energy.

Commercial wind farms generate energy greater than 100 kW. Municipal utilities, electric utilities, large industrial customers, and energy corporations develop and own wind farms that produce electricity supply to meet their own energy demand. Smaller customers can generate renewable electricity from small windmills or solar panels and sign contracts to sell their excess energy back to the utility. The customers send excess energy to the utility when they produce excess energy. Customers can purchase power from the utility when their wind and solar energy production falls short of their electric production. Net metering allows the customer to use the electrical grid as effective storage for renewable energy.

The actual historical wind resource information for your specific land is crucial for your project’s success. The power of the wind varies greatly from one location to another. Determine the amount of wind and its speed on your site. Examine wind maps for your area and region. Are you interested in commercial development or self-use of the wind power?

Install a tower at your preferred location and place an anemometer at the expected height of your windmill blades to measure the exact wind speed. You can install several anemometers at different heights and locations to obtain more detailed wind supply information. This information should be collected for one or two years to fully evaluate the future potential of your wind project. You can collect and analyze the wind statistics or hire a professional. You may want to lease your land to a professional developer if your land has high wind levels and no zoning problems. Non profit organizations may provide contacts in commercial wind development firm. This is a long-term commitment which may restrict the sale of your property in the future.

Wind energy is global renewable energy asset. Europe supports wind energy. It saves the environment and builds a community to protect the earth. Demand that your local and national leaders support green renewable energy. © 2015


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