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Agric business has always been and will continue to be profitable. Unfortunately, a lot of the people showing interest in investing in this sector of the economy are either ill-equipped or lack requisite knowledge of the industry. These people come into the industry with wrong assumptions and unrealistic expectations. Agriculture is seen as a get-rich-quick scheme by some. Mindsets such as these have made many new entrants into this industry fail to consider the various factors that will impact yield. Unforeseen, and sometimes uncontrollable factors that farmers have to contend with, are not considered when huge returns are the main focus. Surely, mouthwatering returns exist in the industry; but patience and adequate knowledge is what will bring the expected bumper returns. It has become necessary, therefore, for new entrants into this business to sit and count the cost. As a prospective participant in the agriculture value-chain, you need to ask yourself questions like: • Is this just a means to earn temporary income? • Is this to be an extra source of income? • Is it a full-time business to which I can devote time and energy? • Is this just for the profit it promises? • Is this a post-retirement plan? That can sustain my present lifestyle even with improvements and flexibilities? None of the reasons stated above is wrong, but your approach to getting desired result will be different. Agric business can cater for all the groups above. Agriculture is beyond farming, decide the specific area in the agriculture value chain where your skillset and knowledge will be a perfect fit. Unfortunately, from my interactions with a lot of people, I have observed that all these dynamics are not considered before they venture into the agriculture industry. I believe with proper guidance we will have more profitable and sustainable agro allied ventures that would be registered on various stock exchange platforms.

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