What Is Snaxol Palm Oil?

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We all know about the popular sunflower oil and olive oil brands but there are other types of oil and brands as well. One of them is the Snaxol palm oil. But what is this Snaxol oil, what does it look like and what is it used for? In this article I will explore more about this intriguing cooking ingredient.

Snaxol palm oil is a refined palm oil which is 100% pure. It is manufactured in Malaysia and exported to the rest of the world because it is a low cost ingredient. It is semi solid at room temperature and is made from the reddish pulp that you find in the fruit of the oil palms. Hence the oil tends to have a natural reddish colouring. This edible vegetable oil is considered a healthy oil because it contains no cholesterol and it is not derived from genetically modified organisms (which is linked to cancer related illnesses). Freshly extracted Snaxol palm oil is the richest natural source of beta carotene. It is also high in pro-vitamin A pigment and vitamin E. This oil contains an anti-foam agent which prevents excessive foaming while cooking or frying. It is also very stable at high temperature which makes it a favourable frying oil.

Snaxol oil is a versatile ingredient which has many uses. It is used in the commercial food industry in the making of popular food items such as chocolate, sweets and biscuits. It is sometimes used to replace butter because it is low in cost and it is lower in fat than butter; thus decreasing the health hazard in the baked goods and pastries. It is also commonly used in commercial and household cooking as well as for frying purposes due to its high smoke point. Other uses for palm oil include the making of spices as well as the alternative fuel resource, biodiesel. It is a natural fuel resource that is currently being explored in Malaysia due to the ever increasing fuel prices.

Snaxol palm oil is also proven to be the longest lasting oil in the world because it contains antioxidants that naturally enhance the life of the oil. Snaxol palm oil is a reliable natural frying ingredient that can be used in a variety of applications. This may not be a world renowned oil but it certainly is a strong contender in the food industry with its multiple benefits.


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