What Everyone Ought To Know About Oyster Mushroom Spawn

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Are you feeling adventurous and want to try out a new cultivation project? Then mushrooms may be the answer for you. For many, this has turned out to be quite a fascinating project. So even if you do not have a degree in Botany, you may be interested in cultivating this tasty fungus.

Cutting down on colonization time

In the initial phase, you may try out the cultivation of oyster mushrooms on a small scale. If it turns out successful, then you may try on a commercial basis by buying oyster mushroom spawn from reputable manufacturers. You have to take into consideration about the kinds of toadstools you want to grow. This is necessary to adjust the substrate with the spawn. Colonization time will be cut down to a significant extent if there is a proper matching of the substrate with the mycelium. Even if you have space constraints, you can opt for cultivating these kinds of toadstools as they are effective for fruiting indoors.

Choosing the right spawn

Mushrooms are fungus with a different kind of life cycle. The living part is tucked away in another substrate such as a branch or rotten log. For preparing the mixture, you need this substance known as mycelium. You can start growing pounds of these kinds of toadstools with minimal effort and just a small investment. Choosing an appropriate spawn is important for having a healthy harvest. Spawn can be defined as nutritious material upon which the mycelium will start growing. However, growing toadstools directly from this material without any substrate is not a good idea. Adding this nutritious material result in higher yields. You can purchase oyster mushroom spawn from different suppliers either online or offline.

Pay attention to the inoculation date

The spawn which you are planning to buy from the neighborhood stores will come with inoculation dates. You have to keep that date in mind because there will be a quick degradation of the material due to the intervention of bacteria and mold. As soon as they become spoiled, yellow blotches appear on the skin of toadstools. Therefore you should use them immediately upon their arrival. If there are no immediate uses, place it in a refrigerator for increasing its lifespan. Always keep in mind that the material purchased from the manufacturer hardly ever lasts beyond a period of two months.

Select an appropriate manufacturer

If you are overwhelmed by the entire process of preparation of mixture, then you can start your process of cultivation with some easy kits. They come with a lot of instructions and will guide you in understanding the entire fungal life cycle. There are many companies involved in this production. You need to do a detailed research to find out the highly recommended ones. Invest a considerable amount of time while taking this purchasing decision. Do not compromise on quality. After purchasing the spawn, browse for the matching substrate. Always look out sale offerings by manufacturers. Check out their shipping policies. In case you place your orders regularly, you may enter into long-term contracts with them.


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