Welcome to Lagos, Nigeria

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Have you ever being to the most populous black city? The house of wisdom. It is often said that if you get to Lagos and don’t get wise, you may never be wise in your lifetime. The city of aquatic splendour; that situates close to the Atlantic ocean. It is the smallest of the thirty-six states in the Federal republic of Nigeria but the most populated state in the whole of Africa with about seventeen million people. If you can drive successfully in Lagos, I bet you can drive anywhere in the world.

Lagos is the one of the south-western states of Nigeria and it is predominantly occupied by the Yorubas, one of the three major tribes in Nigeria, they total about 65 percents of the population in the state. While the remaining percentage of the population is shared among the Igbos, Hausas and many minor ethnic groups dispersed among various corners of the state.

Since Nigeria practice federal system of government and practice democratic system of governance, Lagos is primarily governed by state government that is being headed by a Governor that is elected by democratic processes. Also, there are several monarchical rulers dispersed all over the state, they have been the traditional system of governing the people before the advent of the new system and they are still well reckoned with by the state government.

Being the former capital territory of the nation, Lagos still remain the economic nerve of Nigeria. Many corporation in the nation still maintain their strong presence in the state despite the movement of the Capital city to Abuja. The original indigines engage in many local activities like fishing, farming and trading.

Living in Lagos seems to be on the high side nowadays compared to what it used to be many years back. The average daily expenses for average earners is twenty five dollars while some people some people still live below one dollar per day. Things are really getting better since the advent of civil rule about ten years ago.

Lagos is an interesting place to be as you will experience news every time.


Source by Lanre Adeboye

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