Treating Actinobacillosis in Cattle With Homeopathy

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Actinobacillosis is a disease more common in animals, particularly cattle, than it is in humans. The typical symptoms of this disease is the swelling of the tongue, which becomes very hard. It is sometimes called a wooden tongue. Following is the use of a homeopathic medicine which can resolve the condition.

To use homeopathy, you first need to be able to recognise not only the unique and personal signs and symptoms of the local condition, but you also need to be able to differentiate between animals. This can sound too difficult for a farmer, who has many hundred, if not thousand, cattle.

However,it isn’t as daunting as it first sounds, as long as you become observant.

Silica is one of the more common homeopathic medicines and can be used to treat actinobacillosis. The local symptoms include a swelling of the tongue which is often just on one side. This condition often follows a recent vaccination.

The more general characteristics of the affected animals tend to have a worn out appearance. The back droops, there is a thin, bony appearance. The feet are distorted. There may be arthritis. This rickety appearance shows up a lack of assimilation of nutrition. Although they look fragile, they are actually quite tenacious.

Although the general characteristics of the animal is not absolutely required for Silica to be affective, it will confirm its use.

Either this or the ill effects of a recent vaccination, will confirm its use.

If you have made an accurate diagnosis of the cause and/or the symptoms, then you will find that a few doses of Silica in a 30c potency, over a period of about a week, will see then end of the actinobacillosis.

You may also notice that the animals become more healthy as they become more able to assimilate the food they eat.


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