Tips on How To Choose Your Sod Installation Company

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At Suffolk Sod Father we want you to know how to make the right choice when hiring a sod installer. Following this handy guide will help you choose the right company, know what you should expect, both before and after the sod installation.

1. Protect yourself and your property: Is the sod installer you’ve chosen licensed and insured? No work should be done without the proper certificates. This protects you and the company as accidents can occur. This information should be readily available from the installer or their website.

2. Experience Counts: And how can you tell? It’s easier than you think, use word of mouth referrals from friends or simply Google “sod installers” to find local providers. You want to see that the company has a good business history, and has sod installation as one of the services provided. Many landscapers will provide this service, however not all lay sod or do design work. Ask for references, and to see jobs that were completed by the sod company.

3. Sod supplier: Ask where your sod will be purchased. It is not unusual to request a sod sample, literature from the sod farm, including the seed mixture used. There are many varieties of sod grown by sod farms and selection of the appropriate sod for your region is imperative.

4. Meeting the installer: What your installer will look for and why:

a. Do you have currently or will you be having a sprinklers system installed? After the sod is laid, your installer should adjust all the heads to accommodate the sod height.

b. Is the soil healthy? A soil analysis should be done to determine the soils integrity.

c. What are the growing conditions? Your installer will be taking notice of shaded areas, and may recommend trimming back trees to allow for adequate sunlight.

d. How much sod is required? Now is the time to mention any scheduled projects such as flower beds, walkways, patios, etc. Accurate measurements will reduce waste and keep the cost of sod and cost of sod installation down.

After a thorough walk through of your property your installer will provide you with an estimate as well as a warranty. Doing your homework now will ensure your sod installation will go smoothly and be done correctly. Sod is an affordable alternative to lawn renovation and yearly reseeding. With a proper annual maintenance program, your sod will look great for years to come!

We hope that our tips for choosing your sod installation company will be helpful to you in planning your sod project.


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