There is No Such Thing As Oily Skin Care

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People too often focus on the claims of the popular cosmetics companies that they can cure a person’s oily skin care problems. The truth is though that there really are no such things as oily skincare products that are effective for treating your problems. All that these companies are going to offer you are alcohols and astringents that will only serve to make your problems worse.

Most people have become convinced that they have an oily skin care problem by the major cosmetics corporation. The reason that they try to divide the skin types into dry, oily and normal is due to the fact that it allows for them to be able to sell a wider variety of products. The truth is that everybody has regular skin, because everyone has some combination of oily and dry.

The goal of the oily skincare products that these companies manufacture actually help to make the problems worse for your skin in the long run, because all that they give you in order to try and remedy the situation are chemical ingredients that are designed to cause the oil in your skin to dry up. Let me take a moment to explain to you why this will not work.

These oily skin care remedies cause your skin to begin to become too dry over time, and what do you think that the body’s natural defensive reaction is when the skin becomes too dry? The skin begins to produce far more oil than normal in order to remedy the situation. If you were to stop using the product at this point then it would appear that without this remedy your oily skin problem is out of control.

This guarantees the major cosmetics corporations that you will continue to purchase their oily skincare products, because they have caused you to think that you need them because your condition is getting worse. They made the problem seem bigger than it is in order to keep you hooked. Believe me when I say that they are running a similar scam on the people that are buying their formulas for dry skin.

While you may be under the impression that what you have is a need for an oily skin care remedy you are really in need of a product that contains ingredients that will balance out the dry areas of your skin that you may not recognize, while balancing the control of sebum that your skin is producing. This can be accomplished by using natural products that contain two key ingredients.

Instead of oily skincare products you need products that contain Babassu palm wax and Maracuja passion fruit extract. Babassu wax will moisturize the areas that need it without making your skin oily, which will help balance out your moisture evenly. Maracuja passion fruit extract will moisturize your skin, but will also regulate the production of sebum so that the skin can neither become too dry or too oily.

There is no such thing as oily skin care. All that you need is a product containing the right tols to bring perfect balance to your skin.


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