The Prince and Pauper by Agu, Jaachynma N E – The Passport to a Greater Life

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To take those limitations off your life and be the real you, this book titled ‘The prince and the Pauper,’ authored by Mrs. Agu Jaachynma N.E., is the creative tool you need. It is loaded with the logos and rhema that will help you function in the unction of greater glory. This masterpiece is more than a companion if you truly desire a positive change in your life. It is the Midas touch that you need to live a better and higher life. An unselfish person is one who discovers something of great value and shares same with others enthusiastically, that is why I share this with you. Reading this great book blessed my life greatly and I highly recommend it for you to read and be blessed. This enchiridion written by a virtuous woman, teaches us why we should not settle for less but go for the best which is our birthright in Christ Jesus.

In this book, this godly princess shares with us God’s words that positively transformed her life and this word can change you and the world positively. This is the book that you need for a positive mental re-engineering and for the renewal of your mind. Many authors of Christian books make their writing boring and tasteless but Jaachynma’s book is interesting, inspiring and exciting. This beautifully written book teaches that the pauper is the man or woman that has no knowledge of God’s plan and purpose for his or her life. He/she is not in good relationship with God. A prince is a person that is in good relationship with God. This book is enshrined with the knowledge that empowers your personality. After reading this masterpiece, you will be a person of note whose noteworthy legacy is worthy of emulation.

Agu Jaachynma N.E., the daughter of Zion who authored this book is a woman of substance, whose substance of sapience is blessing all and sundry. She is a pastor, educator, mother, wife, sister and a good encourager whose sagacity is ruling cities worldwide. This gifted and talented doyen is a graduate of Languages and Linguistics Department of the University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. She has held several leadership positions in her church and various organizations; she presently works as an administrative officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Nigeria. Jaachynma is a poet, linguist and a seasoned writer. A woman of dignity and a genius whose geniality is top-notch. Agu, Jaachynma N.E. is married to Dr. Agu Ahamefula, a respected man of God, a gynecologist and an obstetrician. Her marriage is blessed with two powerful boys.

The Prince and the Pauper is a 162-page perfect-bound paperback book, printed and published by Enaz Publications in New York, USA. This ten-chapter book has a dedication, foreword, acknowledgement, introduction, conclusion and bibliography. This power packed book has the ISBN number: 1-59232-199-2. The Prince and the Pauper is a life-changing book that was written under God’s inspiration and it is loaded with God’s life-transforming power that will take you to greater heights now and forever more. I endorse and recommend this life-enrichment book for all. Read and live a higher life.



Source by Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

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