The Next 9 Things You Should Do For Successful Mushroom Spawns

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Are your mushrooms not growing well? There may be different reasons responsible for this situation. Lack of moisture, lack of sterile setup, wrong environment, inadequate air exchange facilities and poor quality spawn maybe some of the causes. You have to identify the actual problem. It may have turned out to be a frustrating project for you. However, you can only get better at your job by learning from your mistakes.

Some useful techniques

You can start your fascinating journey of cultivation of toadstools with store-bought mushroom kits. These kits are equipped with a medium which is inoculated with toadstool mycelium. Shiitake Mushroom Logs are useful for production of shitake toadstools in bulk quantities. Otherwise, you need to do a lot of research to gather information about the right substance.

1. Matching your spawn with substrate

It is always a wise idea to match your spawn with your substrate. If you are planning to cultivate toadstools on logs then you should opt for Shiitake Mushroom Logs. The objective is that faster colonization can occur because of the familiarity of mycelium with the substance.

2. New technologies

There are many suppliers involved in the process of manufacturing mycelium. This is a highly competitive market. In order to sustain in this market, you have to be aware of the technological advancements made in this field. You have to utilize new technologies at regular intervals.

3. Ultra-violet chambers

Many suppliers are using ultra-violet chambers for the production of high quality spawns. If you use high-quality mycelium you will end up with a good harvest in the long run.

4. Sterilized environment

Sterilization is an important step in the world of toadstools. Sterilized substances help in faster colonization of mycelium. You have to create a sterile environment for growing toadstools.

5. Prevention of contamination

There are various steps involved in the cultivation process. You have to maintain a clean environment and adopt measures to prevent contamination of any kind. The appearance of a mold spore has the capability of destroying the entire yield. You have to assess the probable source of contamination and accordingly take steps to mitigate the problem.

6. Develop an understanding

You should understand that mushrooms have a different kind of life cycle compared to other plants that grow from seeds. Do not ignore the living tissue of a mushroom which is generally concealed in another substrate. This is a necessary component of mushroom spawn.

7. Cost-effective

You can make the most common yet effective spawn with sawdust or cardboard. These substances are available at cheaper rates in the neighborhood stores.

8. Gather mushroom with stems

If you want to make spawn then you have to get hold of edible toadstools. Make sure that their stems are intact. You need to cut the bottom segment of the stem and utilize it for this purpose.

9. Right amount of moisture

If you give the right amount of water, it helps in rapid expansion of mycelium. Too much water is, however, extremely detrimental. It may lead to rapid development of bacteria.

Be careful in your selection of supplier

It is not possible for all people to get fresh, edible toadstool for spawning purposes. Do not be disheartened in that case. You can always buy from the various specialists available in the market. In recent times, most of these products are available online too. Look out for reasonable deals while making those purchases.


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