The History of Gevalia Coffee

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Gevalia coffee provides the very best varieties of coffees in the world. But little do you know about its rich history. Gevalia’s history date back 90 years back to 1920 when it was first founded in Sweden by Victor Theodore Engwall & Co. The company grew manifold and established branches in Sweden, Denmark and Baltic areas. It also exports its products to Europe and America. In 1971, the company was sold to Kraft Foods.

Gevalia is well known for its offers and discount promotions. During its initial stages, the company offered free coffee makers and coffee mugs as an incentive to its users. This created loads of wave in the marketing industry and Gevalia attained an unrivaled place in the coffee industry. Gevalia’s advertisements were seen in major newspapers, television channels, bill boards and in the internet too.

Today, Gevalia’s growth has been tremendous. They are the leading producers of coffee and tea in many parts of the world. They produce their coffees with highest order of Arabia and Brazilian beans which are mixed with other flavor inducing ingredients.

Gevalia is also pro-environmental. It takes part in making the world a better place to live by offering educational opportunities to the needy. They also provide food materials and medical supplies to the rural society. They are working towards the standardization of agriculture in many parts of the world and do their part in teaching agricultural techniques in educational institutions.

Overall, you have to agree that Gevalia are making lots of efforts to make your cup of coffee even more meaningful.


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