The Ethics of Horse Consumption – Should We Eat These Majestic Animals?

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Tell me it isn’t true but has the U.S. government approved Slaughter houses in America allowing Americans to process horse meat and sell to consumers? Oh, where is this world going? The United States is in a unique situation that allows slaughter houses to process horse for consumption, but yet cannot sell the meat to American companies for consumption.

Horses are bred and can be used for so many human benefits. They can bring enjoyment through riding, they work on farms where farmers need their strength, they pull heavy carriages and they are used for so many other day-to-day needs. Horses are treated as part of the family by most horse owners. The ones that are pushing for the slaughter of horses are entrepreneurs or non-horse raising individuals.

Why is horse consumption seen by many as taboo? It has to do with a person’s morals or ethics that are developed when they are young. Horses and ponies are brought into the young child’s life at an early age and the beauty of them is engrained into out brain. With that said eating horse hasn’t grown into a large business in the US and how that is perceived in the future is unknown.

As we know, nothing is forever and with that stated the ban on horse slaughter houses has been lifted and right here in the great US we have one location in New Mexico that has been approved to kill these large animals for our delightful enjoyment on the kitchen table. Missouri and Iowa are also next on the list to get approval. On the bright side our current administration has requested Congress to reinstate the ban.

It would be good to know what restaurants are offering horse products in their restaurants. In most cases many customers want patronize restaurants that serve horse as consumption.

The bottom line, figure out if horses are considered a pet or livestock. By definition horses are livestock. We should not look at horses as livestock to be slaughtered but let’s look at horses as a means to live. Horses help families in so many ways and to many they become part of the family. Many can’t let go of them even when they are close to death. Horses live for 30 years and if you’re a horse owner and don’t see the horses you have as family after 30 years then you probably shouldn’t have any.


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