The Brief Story of Ogeleosima AKA Osima City in Amaibo Ogudasaa Isuikwuato

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This is a little village called Ogeleosima in Amaibo, Oguduasaa in Isuikwuato, Abia State. The community existed since the 16th century when a Warrior called OSIMA left his kindred in Amano and settled within the Ogele by Amautazi.

But it happened that the son of Utazi impregnated the daughter of Osima who later died during child labour. To compensate Osima for this great loss, Utazi gave the entire land starting from the OGELE which is the main river to Iyi Ahuha, the other river up to Mbala. There Osima dwelt and multiplied. Osima dropped his water stone at Iyinta that has now became the source of drinking water in the entire village.

The community is made up of four kindred’s, Amanta, Ndi Ezi-Ukwu, Ndi Ohia and Ndi Agbo Mmiri but have since expanded to Ndi Obi Ohuru and Ndi Faith and Ndi Amanta have expanded up to Uzo Amiyi by Ndi Ononogbu.

Ogeleosima is currently being ruled by Ichie Agbai Iroegbu from Ndi-Amanta. This community popularly called Osima City has a population of about 8,000 and is the most popular community in Oguduasaa.

The popularity started in the 16th century when Osima conquered other villages like Acha, Uturu, Umunnekwu and Amiyi and strategicaly placed itself as the food basket of Oguduasaa and Isuikwuato in General.

Ogeleosima is strategically located in Oguduasaa Isuikwuato. It is surrounded with Ogele, Iyi-ahuha and Ngele-Avom River at the valleys and there is no way you can enter Ogeleosima without crossing a river and climbing a hill.

They are notable for their production of pineapples through Ichie Agbai Iroegbu who was also the community chairman of Amaibo community. Other produce from Ogeleosima are yam, cassava, palm oil and plantain.

Ogeleosima solely supplies the Abia State University with food and fruits and all of Oguduasaa including Tampa come to Ogelosima Amaibo to get land for farming.

This community called Ogeleosima has continued to be popular since the days of Osima to date:

-They produced the first counselor of Oguduasaa called Ogbuagu

-They produced the first engineer in Amaibo from the Ononogbu family

-They produced the first sailor from the Brown Family

-They produced the first international United Nations Diplomat from Agbai Iroegbu’s family

-They are the first to use a motor car in the village

-The first and only potable pipe born water popularly known as ‘PUMP’ was cited in Ogeleosima in the 19th century to the Europeans. This pipe born water is still functional and serves the entire Amaibo during the dry season.

-The Faith Terbanacle Church come and settled in the Western Part of Ogeleosima and have since been a big community of its own now called Ndi Faith.

-People from all works of life come to Ogeleosima for spiritual blessings, consultations and prayers for protection, prosperity and healing

-During the Biafran war with Nigeria, it was in Ogeleosima that Igbo’s from everywhere came to take shelter an protection as the war did not get to Ogeleosima. the Igbo market was also at Ogeleosima during the Nigerian-Biafran war.

Ogelosima is the most peaceful and most united Community in Amaibo Oguduasaa and this contributed to the level of progress achieved for far.


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