The Brangus Breed

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Brangus breeders are typically held in very high regard by the rest of the cattle breeding community. This is because Brangus cattle offer the best of both worlds, combining several of the most desirable characteristics found in two popular breeds into one, resulting in an animal that can be adapted to a variety of uses. The cattle breeding industry runs on the availability of high-quality animals which are capable of meeting a number of criteria, so in order for breeders to be successful in the field, they need to prove themselves capable of rearing and caring for healthy, fit specimens.

As its name suggests, the Brangus is a hybridization of the Angus and Brahman breeds. It possesses numerous traits found in both types of cows, and so it’s widely sought after and there are many breeders that specialize in raising Brangus cattle alone. The ideal Brangus cow possesses a genetic stabilization of roughly five eighths Angus and three eighths Brahman. Brahman heifers are widely recognized for their tendency to be excellent mothers to their young, and the Brahman breed as a whole tends to be highly resistant to diseases. Angus cows are wonderful in terms of fertility and their ability to produce milk, and they are also very popular with breeders of beef cattle because of the quality of their meat.

Because of all this, the livestock produced by Brangus breeders usually manages to strike a very healthy middle ground. It’s often recommended that individuals just getting into the business of breeding cattle start with Brangus cows because of their specialized genetics. Since it’s important for breeders to keep their herd as healthy as possible, Brangus cattle are also beneficial given their general resistance to heat, high humidity and ticks. Like Brahmans, Brangus heifers have been known to have very positive maternal instincts and will usually take very good care of their young.

Those looking for quality beef cattle should turn their attention to Brangus breeders because of this breed’s speedy weight gain, along with the fact that Brangus carcasses tend to lack excessive amounts of fat. In addition to this, they make potentially excellent show cattle because of their many superior genetic and physical attributes.

Brangus breeders are relatively easy to locate online. The business of breeding this type of cattle is very lucrative and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of looking around before you find several trustworthy breeders to buy from. Just make sure that once you have a list of prospects, you weigh the pros and cons of each to make the best decision.


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