The Benefits Of Buying Second Hand Equipment For Dairy Processing

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For dairy manufacturers around the world, purchasing high quality dairy equipment can make the difference between a mediocre product and an exceptional one. As a result, there are constantly new models of equipment on the market aiming to provide even more efficient processing and a superior finished product.

Despite this, there is a high demand for secondhand dairy processing equipment, and this is not without good reason. In fact, there are several advantages to investing in used machines rather that splashing out on entirely new equipment; here are some of those benefits.

One of the main factors that comes into play when buying equipment – whether a brand new GEA Westfalia separator or Trepko butter packing machine – is cost. The reality is, despite how professional and reputable the company may be, and how fantastic their finished products are, that there is often a strict budget to adhere to.

This is especially applicable when it comes to dairy processing machines, which can be particularly costly when it comes to buying brand new equipment. As new models appear on a relatively regular basis, it is only the companies with the largest budgets that can afford to update their equipment so frequently.

One way, therefore, that dairy companies can obtain great results on a tighter budget is by investing in used equipment rather than brand new items. There are many fantastic second hand products on the market, whether companies are looking for a separator, homogenizes or packing machines, and all at exceptional prices.

Although the items for sale will not be of the latest model they will still be exceptionally efficient and boast a number of great features, depending of course on how recent the model is and what condition it is in. Customers looking at investing in a brand new GEA Westfalia separator are therefore advised to see if a recent used model is available for a significantly lower price.

Another major advantage of investing in second hand equipment is that there is a great deal more variety than shopping from a selection of exclusively new models. Although many more recent designs can feature a range of innovative functions, this may not be necessary for a number of dairy processing companies.

In some instances, buying a model with fewer functions can actually be beneficial, as the item may only be required to fulfill a small number of necessary functions. The second hand market will contain a range of models, both recent and not-so-recent, all of which will offer as many or as few features as you want or need.

Another reason why investing in second hand equipment might be beneficial is that there is now a huge wealth of information about the second hand market available, meaning it is much easier to buy an item of real quality for a good price and get a real bargain.

In addition to this there are many retailers that specialize in sourcing and reselling used goods. These will often only offer the best items available and be very upfront about the quality and functionalities of the item. This gives you the benefit of complete transparency and means that you can get a true bargain without running any major risks.

One thing to be aware of however, is that in demand items will often be snapped up fast. Popular products such as Tetra Pack pasteurizers, Alfa Laval homogenizes or the industry leading GEA Westfalia separator tend to sell very quickly, so anyone interested in purchasing second hand should be prepared to act quickly in order to get the item they have their heart set on.

There are many benefits to buying used equipment, including major cost savings, a surprisingly high level of quality and a greater range of choice than on the new product market. All of these can be very persuasive reasons why used goods can be a great idea for many dairy processing companies.


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