The 30 Minute Work Day

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Do you want to have your own business? Do you want to work anywhere you are? Do you want to build a business that will give you freedom? If so, then read this carefully.

We all have different reasons for doing things. I am in my seventies and have worked in the agricultural, engineering and educational fields. Along the way I have tried to start various online businesses and failed.

For some reason I got a link to the Home Business Academy and the 30 Minute Work Day. I was looking for a business that would make me a little bit of money in retirement. The affiliate opportunities of this business have piqued my attention. There is so much included in support and training that it is hard to explain in this writing.

First, you receive a free book that lays out the steps to become a seven-figure leader in any affiliate business you want to pursue. In addition they provide a built-in affiliate program in the Home Business Academy program.

Next the funnel tool system that you buy is simple to learn and operate and has tremendous capabilities to develop amazing funnel pages that you would need to get traffic and grow your business.

There are bonus trainings through their academy that goes into many different facets of building a business. These need to be discussed item by item at a later time. One point to touch on now is the chat connections, the mastermind trainings in addition to the video classes in the schooling part of this business are very thorough and comprehensive.

Paul Hutchings, Mike Hobbs and Nick Bramble are three men that can be described with one word… integrity. When you listen to each one explain a topic, talk to an affiliate and share their vision, you are in awe of how much they care about helping others achieve their goals and dreams. In addition to their integrity, they are servants. They want to serve others, to give all they can to others. Great leaders are great servants.

In closing I have just started this program and I have made some sales. This never happened for me before as I tried business after business. In addition I have an affiliate business that is set up and working. My next move is to grow this business, to continue learning from the incredible resources provided and to look for another product that will help others meet their needs. This is very incredible and a great opportunity.


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