Slow Food Cheese

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The slow food movement is sweeping the nation as people are becoming more and more educated on the dangers and health risks of fast food. The slow food movement has affected cheese production as well. Here’s a few facts about slow food cheese.

First I will tell you what slow food is. It is an international movement to educate and support small, local, healthy food production for the health benefits of the human race, and promotes farming of plants, seeds and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem.

Slow food cheese refers to products that are produced by the process of making cheese the old fashioned way. Many times this is referred to as “artisan” or “farmstead” cheese. artisan and farmstead, however, have slightly different meanings. An artisan is someone who is skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson. The Artisan Cheese Maker generally produces in small quantities specialty, gourmet cheeses, many flavors of which he invents himself.

Farmstead refers to the process of production where the artisan cheese maker is directly involved in every step of cheese production. He monitors the feed of the animals, the milking process, and producing the cheese and even the aging and ripening process to develop unique flavors and textures for each type of cheese he makes. Farmstead means the cheese is produced on the same farm where the cows live, are fed, milked, and cared for. Farmstead is usually the most “slow” type of cheese available.

If you’re looking for mass produced or fast food alternatives then artisan, farmstead cheese may be something you’ll want to try.


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