SharePoint Latest Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers in 2017

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Questions & Answers

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft SharePoint is an extensible platform that provides a range of products that can help organizations with a solution for a variety of business needs.

What are the Core features of SharePoint?

The Core Features Of SharePoint are as Follows:

  • SharePoint Sites facilitates to create websites.

  • SharePoint Communities plays its role to collaborate with other peoples.

  • Contents makes SharePoint a true CMS (Content Management System)

  • Search Engine provides smart and efficient searching of enterprise contents.

  • Insights bring information together from different data sources.

  • Composition makes SharePoint an extensible platform and extends its capabilities by using different tools like SharePoint Designer etc.

What is a SharePoint Farm?

SharePoint Farm is a collection of one or more SharePoint server(s) working together in order to provide a set of SharePoint Services. Servers in a SharePoint Farm normally share common resources and owns a single Central Configuration database.

Web Applications Vs Site Collections Vs Sites in SharePoint?

  • Web Application is a collection of Site Collections in SharePoint OR in order way a site collection resides in a web application.

  • Site Collection in SharePoint is a collection of SharePoint sites that share common features like Content types, Templates, Site columns, permissions, Web Parts etc.

  • SharePoint Site basically is a website. SharePoint allows us to create websites of specific types like the Personal site, a Team Site, a social media site, blogs or a Wiki Site etc.

What is the concept of Content Type in SharePoint?

  • SharePoint is about Contents, so Content-Type is a reusable collection of settings and metadata to represents a certain type of content. For Instance, a Student Content-Type may have set of metadata like Student Enrollment ID, Name, year of enrollment etc.

  • Content Type in SharePoint facilitates to organize contents in more meaningful way. It supports inheritance of properties, behaviors, and appearances.

What are Master Pages in SharePoint?

  • Master Pages in SharePoint serves the same purpose as that of ASP.NET Master Pages. Certain parts of a web page normally remain same like header, footer or navigation bar etc. So, We create Master Pages with these common parts in order to achieve a consistent look and feel for a SharePoint Site.

Using Master pages provides lots of benefits including:

  • Common Controls in one location only

  • Writing less Code and Centralized Updating

  • Better User Experience

  • Flexibility

  • Easier management of SharePoint Sites

What is a site?

A site is a collection of web pages used to store information in an organized manner. It stores a list of documents, discussions, events, tasks, and many other types of information. The site provides controlled access to share information among users.

What is a sub-site?

A sub-site is a single SharePoint within a site collection. A subsite can inherit permissions and navigation structure from its parent site or can be specified and managed independently.

What is a List?

A SharePoint list is a collection of records related to an entity like a student, employees, etc. These types of Records in the lists are termed as Items. A list contains columns or fields that define the item data or metadata.

What is a Document Library?

A document library allows users to easily upload, store, share, collaborate, and track documents or files.

What is Picture Library?

A picture library allows users to easily upload, store, share, collaborate and track images or digital pictures.

What is Versioning?

  • Versioning allows updates, restoring and tracking of the items in a list or in a library when they are changed.

  • Versioning makes use of version numbers to keep track of changes.

what is Web application in SharePoint?

  • In SharePoint, the web-Application is nothing but an IIS website.

  • We can create a web application from Central Admin.

  • We can extend the web application in different zones once the web application is created.

What is a site collection in SharePoint?

  • A site collection is nothing but a set of websites.

  • Every site collection has the top-level site.

  • There might be multiple site collections in web application and each site collection may have multiple child sites.

What is a farm in SharePoint?

  • The farm is a collection of SharePoint servers having the same configuration database.

  • Configuration DB stores all the required information to run the farm.

  • Each farm is administered through a central administration.

What are site columns?

site columns are predefined data columns which are re-used in various content types. A content type is actually a collection of site columns.

What is meant by a site definition?

A site definition is a collection of files. the files are such as ONET.XML which defines the site template.

What do you mean by MOSS?

  • MOSS stands for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

  • It is the complete version of a portal-based platform for collaboratively creating, managing and sharing documents and Web services.

What is ONET.xml?

  • Onet.xml file specifies all the components contained in a site. It is considered as the core of a site definition.

  • It is present at the following location:

%SharePoint Root% TEMPLATESiteTemplatesXMLOnet.xml

What are the various classes in Server Object Model from a development point of view?

Following are the classes in Server Object Model from a development point of view:

  • SPFarm

  • SPWebApplication

  • SPSite

  • SPWeb

  • SPList

  • SPListItem

  • SPDocumentLibrary

Explain Content types in SharePoint?

  • A content type is a WSS type definition which is flexible and reusable.

  • It is used to define the columns and behavior for an item in a list or a document in a document library.

Differentiate between Library vs List?

  • The library is used to store the document whereas Lists are the container of similar items in the form of rows and columns.

  • Core documents like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be created using a Library while you can not create a document in a List. The list can be used to attach a document.

What do you mean by Field Control?

  • Field controls are ASP.NET 2.0 server controls. They provide basic field functionality in SharePoint.

  • They also provide basic general functionality such as displaying or editing list data as it appears on SharePoint list pages.

What are the various types of input forms that can be created for a workflow?

Four types of input forms can be created for a workflow:

  • Association form

  • Initiation form

  • Modification form

  • Task edit form

Explain an ancestral type. How is it related to content types?

  • An ancestral type is the base type that the content typed is derived from.

  • It defines the metadata fields included with the custom content type.

Explain Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server?

  • SharePoint Portal Server is a portal server that connects people, teams, and knowledge across business processes.

  • It integrates information from various systems into one secure solution through single sign-on and enterprise application integration capabilities.

  • It provides flexible deployment and management tools, and facilitates end-to-end collaboration through data aggregation, organization, and searching.

  • It enables users to quickly find relevant information through customization and personalization of portal content and layout as well as through audience targeting.


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