Sex and Acne – Myths and Facts

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There has been always a debate regarding the sex and acne. The sex and acne, myths and facts have no authenticity but they are strongly believed by the people all across the world. The number one issue that comes to any male’s mind is the link between the masturbation and acne. The history of masturbation holds many bizarre and that has been a moot point. The myth is masturbation can cause blindness, mental disturbance, acne, and/or severe hair growth.

Another thing that makes people to think that having sex regularly can make one’s beard to grow faster and so more manful. Whatever this means, the sex and acne has some relation in between them. In the most across-the-board sense, there is no doubt that there is a link between male sex hormones and the texture and condition of his skin and hair. Castrates, after all, do not go bald, do not grow beards, and do not get acne! But whether sexual exercises per se put hair on the chests (or onto the palms, for that matter!) nobody exactly knows, several shelves’ still deserve authentic research papers.

It is not known that sex raises the levels of sex hormones in the body. There have been many attempts to know the link between sex and acne including the burning question like can masturbation increase hormone – testosterone in the body?” probably yes and probably no!

Even if sex increases the hormone production, nobody is dead-sure if this means it might crater the face or chrome the dome. However, some of the holistic sciences such as Ayurveda believe that over-sex can produce weakness and also lower down the immune system of the body that in turn, may result in acne formation. On the other hand, a recent survey concludes that the relation between sex hormones and characters of hairs and skins are very complicated and seek further researches and investigations.

When a person reaches his or her puberty, the body starts experiencing the hormonal changes that finally lead to the development and maturation of the sexual organs along with their prime features. These hormonal alterations might also cause acne or zits. Acne is associated with such changes and might not be linked with sexual activity then.

The truth is that during puberty, the level of sexual hormones known as androgens (particularly testosterone) is more eminent and they might heighten the sexual desire simultaneously, they also increase the production of some special body oils known as sebum. If some particular bacteria known as P. acnes are present together with this extra sebum, then this can end up into acne development. This is the only link that can be established between sex and acne. So the truth remains that the sex is not sole cause of acne and also that acne can in no way heighten anyone’s sexual desire or activity.

Many natural holistic healers favor not to have too much sex as it not only causes weakness in the body but can also give rise to other health ailments.


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