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Effective Maintenance

The maintenance of your farm is very crucial. One advice I usually give farmers is even where you have access to 100 hectares of land or more available,let your focus be on the portion you can effectively manage at the moment which could be as small as 25Ha.
It may be overwhelming for you if you do not have the market, proper structure and adequate funds to run the farm. Again, if you get stuck while cultivating the whole 100 hectares, it could affect your entire investment.
I have noticed that a lot of people that are venturing for the first time into agriculture business are always excited about the number of hectares of land they possess. But after planting, maintenance required to ensure good yield becomes a big challenge and this may cause stagnation of operations.
This situation will undoubtedly affect the projected returns of such a farm and may then becloud the judgment of such a person who will believe that agriculture is not a profitable venture.
You must always factor in the cost of maintaining your farm.You must learn to work in phases, if need be.

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