Rubbed Another Way: Alternative Masturbation Techniques

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Even the most enjoyable activity can become a little mundane or routine after too long a time with no variation or surprise. No matter how much one enjoys one’s home, it’s nice to take a little vacation to another place just for a change of scene. And likewise, changing the scene where masturbation is concerned can have its benefits. While there are many different techniques a guy can employ, most tend to stick with one tried-and-true one when masturbating. Simply changing up techniques shouldn’t damage one’s penis health (unless, say, boiling oil is involved in the switch-up), so why not consider a little masturbation makeover?

Tried and true

For most men, the favored way to masturbate is to grip the penis in the dominant hand (usually the right), make a fairly tight but not too tight grip and pump up and down – hopefully while using some lubrication to keep from rubbing the penis raw. But there are plenty of different techniques to try to add a little variety.

Some of these techniques are simplicity itself and require only slight adjustments. For example, rather than using the dominant hand, why not wrap the palm of the other hand around the penis and stroke? Or why not alternate, and use one hand for a few strokes and then the other? Or what happens if one puts both hands together, forming one “fist” and masturbates that way?

But, wait – there are more simple variations as well. If a guy tends to pump up and down the whole length of his shaft, perhaps he wants to focus more on one section – such as the head perhaps? Or if he already focuses pretty much on one portion of the penis, go in for a full-shaft pump, or focus on another section?

And if he tends to exert a pretty tight grip on the penis, how about lightly stroking the penis, using just the merest touch of the hand? Or if one really pounds away at great speed, try slowing things down (or vice versa).

More different

Want something a little more different than that? How about not using the bare hands at all? Many guys like experimenting with masturbating while wearing gloves. The difference between the texture of a bare hand and a glove can be quite profound – and gloves come in many different textures (latex, cotton, wool, knit, leather, etc.) Or if gloves are not appealing, how about a silk scarf, a linen napkin or a polyester cloth? A guy can either wrap one of those around his penis or rub it back and forth along the penis.

Also an option: move beyond the penis. Guys tend to really, really focus on the penis (with good reason), but often at the expense of pleasure brought from other erogenous zones. Start with the balls, since they’re hanging around right next to the penis, and explore, squeezing, rubbing, or even gently slapping them while masturbating. The nipples are another common erogenous zone that men tend to shy away from, in spite of the fact that many guys get great pleasure from their stimulation. Similarly, though more and more men are open to the pleasures of a prostate massage, many still feel awkward where anal play is considered – but it can be quite rewarding for those that try it while fondling their penis.

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