Pollution In Food

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The world survives through the supply of food coming from the farm produced by farmers. And farmers are dependent on some factors of production that supports in their farming activities. Big caged fish farmers uses synthetic fish foods eaten by fish in cages. These feeds are made from synthetic products derived from chemical composition, that causes the fish to be chemically saturated.

The food you eat depends on how they are produced and the major contributors in the production of food are the farmers and fishermen. Almost all agriculture products sold in the market are produced with the use of chemicals, starting from synthetic fertilizer materials to enhance plant growth and pesticides to control pests and diseases infestation.

The continues use of these chemicals in the production of farm and water products creates a toxic chemical that accumulates in the food.

Study shows that in average, more than 70 million cases of food-borne illnesses occur in the United States every year resulting in approximately 5, 000 deaths per year. This is alarming the fact that the U.S. is a developed country and it has all the means to produced its own food organically since it’s a rich country and its quality standard is strictly implemented.

How much more to the third world countries where they’re only dependent on foreign aids from the first world countries. The more these poor countries suffers too much food pollution since their food production are not properly monitored by quality control agencies for lack of budget and the populace are not well informed regarding the bad effect of eating polluted food

How can food pollution be controlled or at least minimized?

1. Strictly implement Organic farming. Each country should strictly implement organic farming by creating laws to require all food and fish producers to strictly follow the natural way of producing food without the use of chemically synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The only way this would come to reality is through a strict monitoring in the implementation of law with the participation of every citizen.

2. Waste disposal management. This is always the number one problem in all urban centers throughout the world. Waste garbage are just thrown anywhere especially in water ways, canal, rivers, creaks, and the ocean – a common sight in big cities specifically in the squatters area. Every local government unit must impose to the highest level penalties to any citizen caught throwing any garbage anywhere. A trash disposal system must be put up in every conspicuous places so that the populace could throw their garbage properly in the right place.

3. Sustainable information dissemination network. A continuous information dissemination in all sectors should be the top priority of every local government leaders to its populace. A monthly or bi-monthly information drive to all citizens should be implemented through the power the multimedia outlets. Continuous bombardments by these multimedia outlets could open the eyes of all citizens that the government is serious in its drive to make the environment safe and free from any pollution that may affect the lives of all concerns.

Following these recommendations would give light to all concerns how food pollution could be controlled or at least minimized to manageable proportion to benefit everybody.


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