Plot Summary of to Kill a Mockingbird – Chapter 16

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The First Day of the Trial: To Kill a Mockingbird Plot Summary — Chapter 16

The next day is the first day of Tom Robinson’s trial. Every one in the town appears in the courtroom to witness the trial except for Miss Maudie who does not approve watching the trial because she feels if is like watching a Roman carnival. It was a Saturday and the people in town camp in the town square to eat lunch. Scout and Jem run a commentary about the background as well as the tendencies for each person that passes by at their front for Dill.

The Children Watch the Trial: Plot Summary of To Kill a Mockingbird — Chapter 16

The children slip into the courtroom back seat to watch the trial without Atticus’ knowledge. However, the heavy crowd occupies the best seats already and the children seat themselves in the area reserved for the colored people. Reverend Sykes offers the seats to the children. They have a very good view from their seats. The children are able to see the whole courtroom that they can even see Judge Taylor who is the trial’s presiding judge. Judge Taylor has a reputation of running his courtroom in an informal manner. They see that Sheriff Heck is the first witness.

Tom Robinson: To Kill a Mockingbird Plot Summary — Chapter 16

Tom Robinson is a black man who has a crippled left arm from a farm accident. The farm accident happened while he was still a child. Mayella Ewell accuses Tom Robinson of raping and beating her. The accusation was impossible for such a man with a crippled left arm since he was a child. The white woman’s attacker uses his left arm exclusively. Tom Robinson is a very gentle soft-spoken person and happily married with kids.

This article was a To Kill a Mockingbird plot Summary for chapter 16; there are 31 chapters in Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.


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