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I am worried….Hunger, insecurity, unemployment might persist. Most farming communities in Nigeria have become deserted because our young guys do not see future in the business of agriculture; they have watched their grandfather and father lavish in poverty and feel oppressed by some of their contemporaries who comes visiting during annual celebration appear more prosperous and have vowed not to die like their ancestors…. Hence the massive migration to cities for menial jobs with quick pay.

Is commercial farming the solution or empowerment for them to scale up a little….. Most government policies as fantastic as they appear has had little or no effect on the grass root because of poor implementation strategy. How can we stir interest in these teeming youths? How can we change the narrative and give hope?

At B.O Farms Ltd in 2020 we are committing to 5-young farmers to give land and Advisory services to start or scale up – Click for details: ( http://blog.bofarmsltd.com/5-young-intending-farmers/ ) and also FREE 5ha of land to each individual farmers who is interested in cassava cultivation – Click for details: (http://blog.bofarmsltd.com/b-o-farms-5ha-cassava-deal/)…..Let’s all get involved in solving this dynamics..We believe in the future of Agriculture…