Order Farm-Direct Roses for Your Valentine This Year

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Men have been giving women bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Days for many years now. Women will always love roses because they give them an ephemeral and exciting feeling, they flatter them, and they elicit admiration from their friends, colleagues, and relatives.

Men have traditionally been buying roses from florists, supermarkets, and large online retailers, but there is a growing trend towards ordering farm-direct roses. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Fresher, Better Quality Roses

Farm-direct roses are fresher. Again, the reason for this is the fact that they are shipped direct to the recipient. It is important to get fresh roses because the clock starts ticking the moment they are picked. In some cases, the buyer gets the flowers the same day they are cut with farm-direct roses.

With a florist, a non-direct online retailer, or supermarket, the roses often have to be transported from far-flung distribution centers or warehouses to local warehouses and then the florist’s store, meaning they usually reach the buyer when they are already a few days old.

2. Cost Saving

Buying farm-direct roses is usually cheaper. Buyers stand to save between 20% – 50% of the cost. The lower price is because there is no middleman – the farm ships the flowers direct to the buyer. With a florist, the florist and everybody else in the product chain needs a cut, driving up the cost. Men can then use the money saved for a lovely dinner, which women would also love.

3. Better Service

Companies that sell farm-direct roses want to attract and retain customers. This, and the fact that they cater to a smaller customer base, means they usually have very good customer service, including custom-packed boxes. The companies that have their own farm access are better able to handle flower emergencies (such as delivery problems).

4. Rare/Special Rose Varieties

Men should always make their women feel special. With farm-direct roses, men can buy roses that they can never find from large online flower retailers. Certain farms are able to grow super tall roses that grow up to 4 feet. Roses that end up at florist shops, supermarkets, and online flower retail outlets are usually mass-produced and only come in standard lengths.

5. Traceability

With farm-direct roses, the buyer will know exactly where each stem is coming from. This is important since different farms have different approaches to chemicals and pesticides. Buyers can buy roses from flower farms that are using sustainable fertilizer and biological control and whose flowers have certifications from fair-trade groups and the Rainforest Alliance.

6. Convenience

Buying farm-direct roses gives unparalleled convenience. With florists and supermarkets, the buyer has to take time to walk into the store, to wait for the flowers to be packaged, and to then move around with the flowers. Farm-direct roses are delivered at home, at the office, or wherever they are wanted.

7. Support the Community

Buying roses directly from the farms helps the farmers and gives them better profit margins than the traditional flower industry may provide. This allows the farm and its workers to work in safer and better conditions that are eco-friendly and, thus, produce higher quality roses.


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