Non-GMO Drinks – Reasons to Choose Certified Drinks

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Taking on a healthier lifestyle shouldn’t be difficult if you are willing to make the right adjustments, especially in terms of what you feed your body. Genetic modification in food has always been a controversial topic. Genetic engineering in food works by removing genes from an organism’s DNA (such as from a virus, animal, plant, or bacterium) and then recombining them into another plant’s or organism’s DNA, for the purpose of altering their traits and characteristics so that they will grow bigger or develop favorable properties. While genetically altering food plants or livestock does have its benefits, genetic engineering can also be a potentially dangerous process in that randomly inserting genes into food’s DNA can disrupt how other genes function or perhaps create novel proteins foreign in the food supply. Worse still, it could result in allergens and toxins in foods. It is precisely because of these risks that you should consciously avoid GMO in the food that you eat and the beverages that you drink. Fortunately, Non-GMO movements and projects make it possible for consumers to avoid genetically engineered products along with the health risks that they bring.

Buying certified non-GMO drinks is a great way to avoid GMO. When you support certified organic and non-GMO products, you are a step closer to a GMO-free, hence, a healthier diet. Not only are GMO products unnatural, they are also unhealthy. Numerous studies have shown evidence of how GMO can cause organ damage, accelerated aging, infertility, and various gastrointestinal problems and immune system disorders. Since GMOs, chronic illnesses and food allergies have skyrocketed and health problems like autism, digestive problems, and reproductive disorders have been on the rise. Genetic engineering also creates many other dangerous side effects like the production of new allergens, toxins, and carcinogens as well as nutritional deficiencies in produce and livestock. Even more worrying than these is the fact that GMOs contaminate indefinitely, making it difficult for farmers to clean up their crops’ and livestock’s gene pool.

These negative health and environmental effects of GMO are more than enough reason why you should switch to Non-GMO drinks and choose certified drinks over conventionally produced and manufactured products. Look for non-GMO labels and certifications when shopping for beverages in order to avoid further GMO contamination in your own diet. Choosing to go non-GMO is a huge step towards a healthier body. Consider this the next time you are on the beverage aisle.

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