Kama Sutra – An Introduction To Kama Sutra Oil

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It’s a cold, snowy evening. The wind howls outside and whips around the house like a wild beast trying to gain entry to the home. Inside, the house is warm and dry. Soft music is playing in the background. There is a roaring fire in the fireplace, which is providing the only light in the room, with a blanket spread out on the floor before it. You and your partner lay on the blanket sipping a finely chilled glass of champagne and feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries. You have been reading the Kama Sutra and have been utilizing the wisdom of Vatsyayana to restore the fires of passion. In so doing, you have discovered the value of touch and massage as a way of providing intimacy with your partner. Just this afternoon, you stopped at a shop in the next town and bought a selection of massage oils, the Kama Sutra Oils of Love. It is going to be a very enjoyable evening for both you and your partner.

What Is Kama Sutra Oil Of Love?

Kama Sutra Oil of Love is a delectable massage oil that provides for luxurious evenings of gentle relaxation and intimacy. The oils are scented and flavored to increase the pleasure and arousal of both partners by stimulating the sense of taste and smell. These flavorings and scents commonly include chocolate, raspberry, cherry almond, mint, tangerines, strawberries and vanilla creme.

In addition to the olfactory and flavorful pleasures, Kama Sutra Oil of Love also offers tactile pleasures with a warm, tingly sensation and the feel of slippery luxurious oils. These tactile pleasures offer themselves well to an erotic and sensual massage. With the skin being the largest sensory organ of the human body, with literally millions of nerve receptors, massage can be a very relaxing and intimate experience, as well as the physical rewards of reducing stress and toxins in the body.

How Do I Use Kama Sutra Oil?

To make the best use of Kama Sutra oil, it is recommended to warm the product first by soaking the bottle in a bowl of warm water. This preparation can be made while your partner take a hot bath or shower to begin the relaxation process.

When your partner emerges from their bathing routine, make sure the room is warm enough for their comfort and have them lie face down so you can begin by massaging the back. Put a liberal amount of the warm oil in your hands and begin with short, lighter strokes and work up to heavier, long strokes. For the heavier strokes, use your body weight rather than the strength of your arms as this will greatly increase the amount of time you can spend comfortably giving a massage.

Massage involves a few basic motions that can be repeated and switched around in varying patterns for various effects. These key strokes are:

The Glide – This involves long smooth strokes using the entire hand that follows the curves of your partner’s body.

The Palm – For this stroke, using the palms of your hands as the pressure points fan out across the body pushing up and then lessening the pressure and returning to the starting point.

Push Pull – This is a simple stroke performed on the sides of the body using both hands, with one hand pushing up as the other comes back in a push-pull motion.

The Lift – This is a kneading, lifting stroke with the fingers lifting your partners skin.

All Thumbs – This stroke is achieved by placing direct pressure on your partners body with the palm of your hand and using only the thumbs pressed against your partners skin and moved in a circular motion.

With these simple motions and a little initiative, Kama Sutra oil can turn a cold, winter night into a very romantic evening.


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