Introduction to Candle Making Wax

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Wax is the most important ingredient in making candles. Without it candles will not be complete. There are many candle making waxes that you can choose from, such as paraffin, gel, beeswax, soy, and palm. They can be bought easily online and in local craft stores.

The rising types and styles of candle wax have caused a huge increase of interest in this amazing hobby.

One of the most common waxes is paraffin. Paraffin wax is made from refined petroleum and often has a white, shiny finish in its solid state. Because of its popularity this wax has become affordable and widely available.

Another type of candle wax is natural wax. Natural waxes are products of nature. It is usually produced from palm, vegetable, soy and bayberry.

For an eco-friendly candle making experience, soy wax is a good choice. It is a renewable resource and needs a lesser amount of production energy. Soy wax is produced by the process of hydrating soybean oil. Most people prefer soy wax in making candles because they produce cleaner soot and their spills are easier to clean. Compared to paraffin wax candles they also last and burn longer. Soybean is not a hard crop to find, it is commonly grown in some states in the Midwest part of the US.

Other sources of candle making wax are animal sources. An example of this is beeswax, a natural wax produced from the beehive of honeybees. Candles made of beeswax are a bit costly but they are also health friendly. Candles made out of this wax produce less pollution. When burned, it also creates a pleasant honey-like smell. It also lasts longer, hypoallergenic and burns cleaner. It also gives a calming and relaxing effect to its users.

Gel wax is another type of candle wax. It comes from mineral oil that has been formed into wax using a plastic polymer. Gel wax produces candles with clear and transparent look and rubbery texture. Candles made out of gel wax are also called jelly candles because of their jelly-like trait. Gel candles also burns out slowly compared to regular wax candles. These candles are fun to design because of its transparency. You can suspend items and accents in the wax to produce beautifully decorated candles. Gel wax is available in three densities, low, medium and high. Low density gel wax holds lesser fragrance load. It can only hold 0.3 percent fragrance. Medium density gel wax can hold a fragrance load of 3.5 percent while high density gel wax can hold the heaviest load among the three. The higher the density of the gel wax used the more fragrance it can hold.

Having the knowledge on different kinds of candle making wax can give you many options to choose from when you decide to make your own candles. To spice up your creations, you can add accents, styles, fragrances and colors to your candles. In candle making you can explore without limitations. You can also discover more kinds of wax and explore what designs suits them best.


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