Insurance Coverage for the Egg /Poultry Farmer

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Like any business owner, a poultry farm owner faces exposure to many commercial liability risks. Storms, floods, fires, insect and rodent damages and equipment is perhaps more real to this industry than others.

Nonetheless, the genuine threat posed to this type of farmer relates to the dreaded salmonella bacteria. Salmonella contamination can result in food poisoning. In the case of the poultry farmer, eggs can become infected and if eaten by the public cause a health threat.

Of late, there has been a salmonella scare about the eggs sold in various US states. Due to this the egg farmers have recalled more than two hundred million eggs!

Consumers have been told not to eat or cook the eggs. Instead, they have been instructed to return the eggs to the retail outlets where they bought them and receive a refund.

A Quick Summary about Salmonella

• More than a million US residents are infected with Salmonella on an annual basis. This has prompted hospitals to admit twenty-three thousand patients and is the grounds for four hundred and fifty related deaths.

• Children under the age of twelve are most prone to Salmonella food poisoning, but the infection is most dangerous for babies, seniors and those suffering from compromised immune systems.

• Most bouts of Salmonella are cured within 4 to 7 days by bed rest and drinking water and juice. Certain cases, however, are resolved only with the use of antibiotics.

Chicken, Turkey and Egg Farm Insurance

If a Salmonella outbreak hits the chicken, turkey and egg farm, there will be a significant loss of income to the owner. Moreover, lawsuits are bound to surface. All of this points to the importance of having sufficient related commercial insurance coverage.

Associated Farm Insurance protects poultry raised on the property and feed mills. In addition, it protects financial backers of big flocks of chicken and geese raised to become broilers, breeders or those grown for the production of eggs.

Coverage is usually prepared on an ‘all-risks’ form that is exclusively written for the poultry farmer. This type of insurance covers poultry mortality due to climatic or humid conditions, and so on. This can cover climate conditions in the farm or even while the poultry are being moved from one place to another in a vehicle.

Other perils to the poultry farm may include:

• Mishandling of chemicals

• Seepage from storage tanks or ponds on the property

• Harsh poultry conditions

A select group of related farm insurance plans cover contamination risks as well.


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