How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

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How to make money online in Nigeria is a question that has bothered many Nigerian internet entrepreneurs. This article seeks to demystify how to make money online in Nigeria. Despite the challenges Nigerians face in their attempt to make money on online, there are several ways through which they can achieve this? The major obstacle in making money online in Nigeria is the 419 syndrome that has become a dirty toga worn by Nigerian online entrepreneurs unwillingly.

However, this fact does not stop one from exploring ways to make money online in Nigeria.

I have enumerated here six ways to make money online in Nigeria without facing too much difficulties, they are:

1. Third party advertising: for this Google AdSense is king; all you have to do is set up a website or blog and signup for the Google AdSense program. This enables Google to deliver ads on your site. You get paid when visitors to your website or blog click on the ads displayed. What you have to do is ensure that your site generates enough traffic o enable you earn from Google ads on your site .

2. Kontera Context ad system is a variation of the Google AdSense system. You also get paid when visitors to your site click on the ads delivered by kontera. One can make money online in Nigeria by taking advantage of this system. On sign up you are given a code to paste on your site.

3. Own shares of an internet company: Nigerians can make huge money online like Jerry Yang of Yahoo, Larry Page of Google and a host of other internet entrepreneurs who started internet companies at the early stages of the internet and today are billionaires due to the large number of shares they hold in these companies. Though it seems these opportunities do not exist or are hard to come by, agloco a new revolutionary company on the internet has provided an answer to the question “how to make money online in Nigeria” they have come up with a system where by you can own shares of their internet company for free. All you need do is sign up for agloco, download their viewbar then you get paid for the hours you spend browsing with the agloco view bar, you get paid when you introduce people to agloco and based on your activity within the agloco community, you get shares of the company allotted to you which entitles you to share in the company’s global profits.

4. Buy Domain Names and resell. Imagine if you had the foresight to register the domain name which sold for over $8 Million afterwards. Domain name farming is another perfect way to make money online in Nigeria. If you own the domain name you can only imagine how much our own John Utaka would be ready to pay you for his domain name. You bet it will be thousands of dollars. Oops, I mean pounds. Domain name farming requires thorough research and thinking therefore you should take your time to do it right. Buying domain names is easy using your credit card. In the absence of credit cards which is a major hindrance to thousands of Nigerians who aspire to make money online in Nigeria, e-gold can also be used to purchase domain names.

5. Another way to answer the question, how to money online in Nigeria is to set up an e-currency exchange. E-gold is currently the electronic currency that has the highest demand. In their quest to make money online, Nigerians have embraced the e-gold payment system as means of payments especially for some MLM programs from which a lot of them are making huge money. Setting up and e-currency exchange service is easy and you can start off with minimal capital. With an investment of N130K one can make about N15K weekly which is not a bad one to start with, however if you are able to muster bigger capital, you can make between N70-N150K every week.

6. The last and the most fireproof of all the methods to make money online in Nigeria are what I consider the greatest multilevel marketing programs online. They are clubfreedom and diamondcashclub. While clubfreedom is into the organization of luxury holiday tours, diamond cash club is into the sales of gemstones. Signing up with club freedom and meeting their marketing targets (you need to introduce 2 people) enables you to earn $6000 cash, $1000 worth of an all expense paid luxury holiday and $1,000 to reenter you into their system to enable you earn the same thing all over again without paying a dime. Registration for clubfreedom is $200. Diamond cash club on the other hand pays about $8,000 cash and all you need do is register with $220, introduce 2 people, they in turn introduce 2 people till you get to earn. check out,

That’s it. Study the text above see what method suits your personality type and explore it to maximum benefits. You can make money online in Nigeria only if you commit yourself to the things that work. Avoid jumping from one program to another without consolidating your hold on one program first. I wish you best of luck as you continue to explore means to make money online in Nigeria.


Source by Adamu Kadiri Buba

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