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We are offering investment opportunities in a secure and profitable Agric project. It’s a 400ha cassava out-grower project in partnership with a major cassava processor in Ogun state where 10,000T is expected annually for the next 14 yrs.

Ready market for produce.
NAIC Insured (capital protected)
Investment roll over plan
Limited slots available.
Investment Window closes on 30th April, 2020.

1 Prices of produce already pre-agreed and not subject to market fluctuations.
2 A ready market is available for produce.
3 The project is insured by NAIC (capital protected).
4 Limited slots are available in this phase, at ₦1M (One million Naira)/Slot

Q – Can I make payment of the investment sum in installments?
A – No. Payments into this scheme shall not be accepted in installments

Q – How many slots can an individual subscribe to?
A – An individual can subscribe to a minimum of one slot, but there is no limit to the number of slots a person may subscribe to in the project

Q – Can I invest more than 1 Million Naira?
A- Yes. There is a provision for those who wish to invest more than the minimum 1Million Naira. Such investment can be structured

Q – Where is the B.O Farm project located?
A – This project location is in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Q – Will I be allowed to visit the farm at any time?
A- Participants will be granted access to tour the farm on request.

Q – How often will I hear from B.O. Farms about the state of my investment?
A- Participants will be contacted quarterly with updates on the progress made on the farm.

Q – What is the timeline of the investment?
A – The investment window for this phase closes on 30th April, 2020,the project itself is ongoing.

Q – At what point will I receive returns on my investment?
A – The first set of returns would be paid at 14 months (June 2021) when you will receive 50% of your capital and 24% ROI, amounting to #740,000. A second and final payment will be at 28 months (August 2022), when you would receive the remaining 50% of your capital and another 24% ROI amounting to #740,000 a total of (#1,480,000)

Q – Will I be able to opt out of the investment at any time before the 28 months tenure?
A – This scheme shall be for a period of 28 months and those who opt out before the expiration of the term shall forfeit 30% of their outstanding capital with no interest.

Q – As an investor in this scheme, do I automatically become a management member of B.O Farms Ltd?
A-This offer does not give participants permission or access into the company’s activities and management. Our investors are only entitled to their returns at the maturity of their investments. Also, the offer is not in exchange of equity at B.O Farms Ltd.


B.O Farms Ltd deals in crop production (Cassava and Cocoa), Farm Land acquisition and management, provides platforms for Agro investors to earn good return via specialized projects. Through well planned, safe and insured programs, we avail our customers with agricultural investment opportunities with high rate of returns.

We are engaged in the production, sales and distribution of quality and fresh farm produce for for industrial and the export market. We also facilitate distribution and marketing of farm inputs and produce in large and medium quantity for both local and export market.

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