Fulani X-Men

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He wandered aimlessly in the wild forest, hungry and completely exhausted. His ego battered and as ripped as his torn campalla.

He was hungry and very angry too… how could they, what effrontery, he wondered silently.

Would they have dared this if he was of fulani extraction? How could they have humiliated him this way, driven him from his ancestral home, raped his young wife and almost butchered him… If not that the gods watched over the tailess cow, he would have been a decomposing pile of hyena food by now.

His anger increased like the overflow of the Nile river during the rainy season. To think that they were mere teenagers, the fact that he could have easily over powered them where it not for the fire blazing sub machine guns they carried in place of the sticks they were known for carrying… the type of guns he only saw carried by the armed soldiers guarding oil installations close to his farm.

Talking about soldiers, where were those cowardly armed women in men’s uniform when the ravagers invaded? didn’t they hear the loud blaring of machine gun fire or had they become suddenly deaf at the instance of the invasion… tufiakpa!!! Okoli cursed silently.

If he ever returned to umnudike, he would personally lead his age group to the obi’s palace requesting their immediate removal. To him, they were useless in that village, just a bunch of armed palm trees… only the gods knew their complicity in the invasion. At this moment, he trusted no one, only himself.

***It had all started out as a normal day. Okoli had woken up at 4 a.m. as was usual and walked hazily to the out room to take a leak. He came back into the room with his manhood fully charged like a power bank. His new bride Ufoma was sleeping peacefully on the bamboo bed with nothing for cover except a thin linen which barely covered her full bossom.

He stared at her body in the glare of the palm oil lamp… the veins in his groin tightened and his manhood protruded the more, he felt a urge, the urge to take her again. So slowly, taking his time not to startle her, he climbed unto the bamboo bed and quietly like a caring husband that he was, he calmly slid inside her open legs… she responded with wifely comprehension.

Fully satisfied and brimming with happiness, Okoli parked his farm gear and marched into the forest behind his house, the house that had housed his father and the father before him.

He got to his farm and began the days job of weeding, nothing in the forest suggested that evil lurked in a corner behind him.

Then from the corner of his eyes he sighted a herd of cattle waltzing lazily into his farm. He knew what damage they could do to his young plants if he didn’t act, so he picked up a rotten cassava stem and started waving it at the gluttonous herbivores hoping to turn them away from his crops.

Two young herdsmen appeared from behind the herd, Okoli walked up to them telling them in what little hausa he knew to get their cattle off his farm.

To his consternation, they simply ignored him and kept crazing their cows. Naturally, Okoli got infuriated and picked a big stick with which he chased the cattle from his farm. The herdsmen got angry and thought of attacking him but his bulky frame and sharp cutlass gave them second thoughts… slowly and with anger they retreated into the thick forests.

Thinking all was settled, Okoli went back to work weeding and tending to his young crops… farming was the only thing he knew how to do, his ancestors were renowned farmers and he was on his way to becoming a great farmer too.

Late in the evening, he packed up his tools and slowly made his way home… to the body warming fresh fish pepper soup his wife always made for him.

After dinner, he went in again to lay with Ufoma. He just couldn’t have enough of the young Ebony skinned Urhobo girl from mid western Nigeria.

Then the dreadful moment came, the moment he now detested remembering… the pain, agony and fear was something he wouldn’t wish his worst enemies.

They had come in the dead of the night when all that could be heard was the chirpy sounds of the night crickets, laying to waste all that was in their path.

Without warning, they opened fire on Okoli’s hut. The sound of the resounding guns jerked him from his pleasure sleep, the whole place was on fire. Instinctively, he grabbed his bride and rushed her out of the house to safety… or so he thought.

The attackers numbering about fifty had surrounded his abode in a commando like style… they dragged the woman from him, one of them hit him on the head with the butt of a gun, he fell over writhing in pain.

They were speaking a strange language, he couldn’t make sense of what they were saying but he could tell they were very angry. He got on his knees pleading for mercy, an assaulter pinned him to the ground with both knees while another struggled viciously with his wife… it was the most painful experience of his life.

They made him watch as they took turns raping her. He was mad with rage, with a final rush of adrenalin, he kicked the one pinning him down in the bowels. He fell to the ground, Okoli took advantage of that moment to dash into the nearby bush, battered and badly injured. He knew by now his wife would have been dead… killed in cold blood. His body shook with a mad rush of rage.


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