Farming Crabs in Westfall in World of Warcraft

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Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes its crabs

It’s hard to believe this spot makes any gold at all. I read of a spot on the coast of Westfall Northwest of the Jangolode mine (pictured above) that has crabs which respawn almost instantly after dieing. These crabs are only level 14 so any high level players in the area are fully capable of causing a mass crab genocide.

My first thoughts were “who cares if you can kill a million of these things an hour, if they don’t drop anything useful then its pointless”. Luckily to my surprise when I put my 30 minutes worth of farming up on the AH it had all sold within 48 hours at decent rates. The only reason I can think of that these things sold so well is that there are a lot of people currently levelling cooking or lower level hunters who don’t want to try to get their own food.

The main things that drop are ingredients for 3 recipes as well as the occasional small lustrous pearl from the clams. The crabs do drop some coins and green gears but they are such tiny amounts that it wasn’t worth me count (I estimate I earned about 1-2g from it all). There is however the option of bringing along a disenchanter next time to try and make something useful from these drops.

There is also a rare spawning elite called Brack that walks by who is worth killing if you see him.

Item Quantity Price/item Total

Crawler Meat 130 31 4030

Crawler Claw 128 22 2816

Clam meat 151 32 4832

Tigerseye 1 100 100

Small lustrous pearl 7 388 2716

Total AH = 14494

Grand Total = 290G/hr

The above data was from 30 minutes of farming. The mobs aren’t close enough for me to AOE effectively so instead I stood in the middle of the site and as a hunter kept shooting any that came into range. The bodies don’t disappear unless they’ve been left unlooted for roughly 5 minutes so I was able to shoot about 50 before looting them all in one go to save time. As you can see on my server this spot results in a nice 290g/hr which isn’t bad for killing level 14’s by the sea.


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