Entrepreneurs Using SaaS Based Expenses Management Solutions Are More Efficient & Competitive

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There’s a fair chance that you’ve read this far because you think I’m crazy. As effective as an ashtray on a motor cycle, or as useful as a chocolate teacup. Maybe I am, a bit, but there can be no doubt that an entrepreneur who decides to use SaaS based expenses management software will become more efficient and competitive because of it.

Here’s my outside-the-box thinking: SaaS – or software as a service, to the uninitiated – is a method of using the computer on your desk, or your lap, or in your hand, if it’s a smartphone, to operate using software held in the cloud to do your work for you. (Don’t be afraid of the notion of cloud computing; it’s what’s meant by accessing software that’s not on your computer, but on a server farm or two, somewhere else on the planet. We’re all doing it, often without realising it).

Have WiFi, can manage expenses

Now, because this could-based expense management software is accessed via whatever device you choose, using a WiFi connection, the savvy businessman or woman is able to use it whenever and wherever they choose. It’s always on, always available, and always ready to support recording, claiming, processing, and paying expenses. No longer does it need to be a chore for when you’re back in the office at your desk.

And because the task, which is merely an admin one after all, can be managed whenever you have a spare few minutes, there’s more time for you to be getting on with the things that really matter; things like meeting new clients, opening new markets, making new sales, and generally doing the things you run your business to do. In short, that’s things under the heading of ‘adding value’. Put like that, it’s clear that devoting time to an admin chose, which adds no value at all, but t nevertheless vital, should be accomplished I the shortest possible time.

Clever developers do the work

Using an SaaS expense management package is just the tool to accomplish that. Because clever developers have thought of so many things, all you have to do is record the expense in the right category, after which the software is capable of remembering it, adding in or taking off tax, and making sure the figure is transmitted, without error, to the finance people in your organisation.

They’ve made it possible to integrate the expense management app with credit cards, so the expense become just about self-recording (how neat is that?), and so flexible that they’ll work in any currency anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, if you’re diligent in recording expenses carefully (which goes for everyone in your organisation), the margin for error is eliminated, which can be a real cost saver in itself.

And because it’s doing all of that, the time is there for you to be more efficient and competitive, doing all those deals that will add more value to your business.

Or maybe you could take a little longer over lunch, or bank up some of the time and sneak off to play golf or watch football, if your conscience lets you. After all, it’s your freedom; if you choose not to make yourself more competitive and efficient, well, that’s your call. You’re the entrepreneur, after all…


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