Educating the Horse Industry About Related Commercial Insurance

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When you are in the horse industry, you definitely are not horsing around. Business as usual involves so many risks of loss and damages that insurance coverage is a primary concern.

For the horse farm owner, the horse breeder and boarder operator and horse and carriage business owner, liability comes in many different forms. Likewise does the related protective coverage.

What You Need to Know about Horse Farm Coverage

A horse farm is the facility where professionals keep and train horses for showmanship and racing. Due to a high ratio of horses the liability exposure is large. In addition, when there is boarding and training along with breeding, the peril level is even more elevated.

Property insurance associated with a horse farm can be in regard to the following:

• barns
• stables
• saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, harnesses, martingales, breastplates and other horse tack
• Additional equipment
• Farm paraphernalia

The business liability insurance is related to many hazards involved in horse care.

The Facts on Horse Breeders and Boarders Insurance Coverage

Horse breeder and boarder insurance can shield the owner and operator of a horse stable or farm where horses are kept and cared for on behalf of others. Sometimes, the horses are kept and available only for their owners’ use. Other times, they are rented out for public riding. Still other stables and farms also provide stud and breeding servicing.

These types of insurance plans can incorporate:

• Horse care
• Horse keeping
• Horse control
• Other coverage that protects the owner or operator from related exposures

Horse and Carriage Driver/Owner Risk Insurance Coverage

The horse and buggy or carriage driver transports tourists and business people around the hotel and theater districts.

Commercial liability coverage is available for protection is made available to the carriage and sled business livery companies that avail their services to visitors or those attending some form of special events, like:

• Wedding celebrations
• Prom events
• Conventions

Insurance carriers throughout the entire breadth of the United States of America underscore the exposure according to the location of operation, routes and available evening lighting in the roads.

Any related horse business that wishes to learn more about the associated forms of coverage should consult with an experienced independent insurance agency. The competent insurance specialist will gather all the information about the individual enterprise and evaluate what policy best suits the operation. Thereafter the insurance consumer will be presented with tailored options that offer comprehensive protective coverage.


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