Eco-tourism In Sri Lanka

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Eco-tourism is a commercial venture, which strives to conserve the local habitat while entertaining local and international tourists from around the world. Various different geographical locations are earmarked for such initiatives. This helps bring in revenue and at the same time preserve the ecosystem of the region. Sri Lanka is a lush green island country, which has several different destinations all across the land specially for eco-tourists.

Agro tourism, or tours based on agriculture are also a new niche in this industry. Since this island has a huge agricultural base, Agro-tourism has really taken off in the country. Tourists can visit paddy fields and watch the peasants cultivating their crop. They can also try picking tea leaves at the tea plantations which are world famous for their export quality tea. Or they can head off to dairy farms and try their hand at milking cattle. Agrotourism in Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of exciting and novel activities that are seldom available in the rest of the world.

Being an island nation, this island has thousands of miles of pristine coastline. This offers several opportunities for exciting water sport activities like surfing, water skiing, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, wind surfing, fishing, dolphin watching, whale watching and more.

For those who seek excitement higher up in the hills, Adam’s Peak is probably one of the best destinations. The peak is 7358 feet high and offers breathtaking views for the adventurous that take the pains to scale its heights. Viewing a sunrise from the peak is truly a magical moment that would be etched in one’s memory for a lifetime. Around the peak is the Adam’s Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, which has nature trails winding through tropical rainforests, plantations and across rivers. The sanctuary is also a pilgrimage site for people of various different religions.

For those interested in kayaking and canoeing, the Kalu Ganga River offers a serene and peaceful setting. The river flows through different regions and provides glimpses of changing landscapes across this fascinating island. Paddling through the calm waters of the river, one can listen to the myriad variety of birds chirping in their natural habitat.

Sri Lanka takes extra care to ensure that the cultural heritage of the land is preserved as well. Eco-tourism is also used as a means to economically uplift the local population in and around these tourist locations. By incorporating several sustainable community development initiatives, Sri Lanka has been able to alleviate poverty in the region by using eco-tourism.


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