Different Types Of Farms

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Although farming was quite popular a few decades ago amongst the various cultures, it is not so prevalent in recent times. In Texas cities like Dalhart, it is often seen a number of farms on sale advertised on the internet or the newspaper. If you are planning to buy a farm then it is very important to know the different types of farms.

When we talk about farms the first thing that comes in our minds is animal breeding. However, there are other kinds of farms where agricultural activities and fishing are also carried out. Let us take a look at the different kinds of farms:

* Agriculture: These are mostly commercial farms found in many countries and they mainly focus on crop production. Decades ago agricultural activities were carried out in small scales by families especially to provide income to owners of the farm and also to provide food for the family. In these types of farming the primary focus are on cash crops like corn and soybeans. However, in recent times they have also started growing fruits and vegetables too.

* Fish: In fish farms different kinds of fish are raised, keeping in mind the type of market they are to be supplied to. For those who operate in small scales their main focus is supplying fresh fish to local markets and restaurants. On the other hand, fishing businesses which focus on global markets raise fishes like grouper and tilapia.

* Livestock: In this type of farming business the animals are raised to be slaughtered and their meat supplied to the market. In some big sized farms the meat is even processed and then packed properly to be delivered to supermarkets. These types of farms are better known as ranches and the owners are called ranchers and not farmers. Usually animals like cows and hogs are raised in livestock farms.

* Poultry: Chickens are mainly grown in these types of farms. Mass production of chickens is raised to be sold at restaurants or large fast food centers or supermarkets. Since these fowls are meant to be packed and sold to markets these chickens are fed with food of natural ingredients only.

There are numerous farms in Texas cities like Amarillo and Dalhart. Advertisements saying “Farm for sale” is common on the internet and other sources of information.


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