Development Management

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Development Management deals with the operation of projects to bring forth development in less developed lands. It is the supervision and administration of plans designed for the improvement of a certain area, land and community. Functions of Development Management include designing, budgeting, and provision of manpower and equipment involved in the development project.

The projects are often brought about by non-government funding organizations such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, etc.. They research on areas anywhere in the world that need special attention in terms of infrastructure, area development (roads, paths), agricultural and livelihood improvement, etc. for the improvement of the lives of the project beneficiaries..

Most of the places where development projects are placed do not have sufficient budget from their own local and national governments, and so the non-government or private organizations initiate the financial assistance to undertake the project activities from planning, to budgeting, to hiring consultants and manpower to execution.

The contingent for the development plan mostly includes representatives from the funding organization, the contractors, consultants, representatives from the local government, staff, and the manpower hired to execute the plan.

A development report is written and submitted by the consultants from the beginning of the planning to the end of the project. Included in the report are the improvements brought about in the project area, the problems encountered, conflict among the people involved and with the environment, project completion, consultants’ proposals and follow-up plans.

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