Building Linings and Bunding Solutions Protect the Environment

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Building lining and bunding solutions help protect your building, land and a variety of other applications. Bunds can help prevent chemicals from spilling through leaks, contaminating ground and surface waters and soil. When water is contaminated with pollutants, it can be washed into the ocean through rain runoff, and it can end up in wetlands, springs and rivers, and land, causing damage and requiring costly remedial steps.

Land, soil and water pollution have serious impacts on land use and ecological health – not to mention human health. It is no secret that contamination can have serious financial impacts on both the industry and the community. Clean up costs alone can be significant and that’s why bunding solutions such as building lining can offer a cost-effective alternative.

What is Building Lining or Bunding Solutions?

There are a wide range of standard inbuild lining options and customizable bunding solutions to suit a variety of applications. Most commonly, these solutions are used to contain waste water, oils and aggressive chemicals or pollutants. It helps to protect the environment from pollution and contamination.

Most factories, production and processing facilities require these solutions for use in their containment areas. Sales and delivery outlets, water treatment plants, power generation plants, and a wide range of other leisure, agricultural, commercial and industrial businesses require building linings or those solutions, which offer unlimited uses.

These type of lining provides cost-effective, efficient and secure protection of masonry, steel and concrete structures by containing pollutants and harmful chemicals, thus protecting the environment and its people.

Bunding Solutions: Buying Building Linings

When buying this type of lining be sure to consider all your requirements and refuse to settle for anything but the very best. Ask for independent, non-biased advice from a qualified individual who understands your requirements and your industry.

Most common solutions are made from reinforced PVC that can be used for temporary or permanent containment of chemical gases or hazardous liquids. However, professional building lining manufacturers can design and manufacture a solution to suit your individual needs. Most building linings are manufactured using polymeric materials that suit a range of situations, including those of car wash or truck cleaning bays, fuel transfers, oil and gas industry and more. These solutions are essential in situations or wash down applications that require for the contaminated water to be collected and under equipment such as compressors, pumps and generators.

Benefits of Building Linings and Other Bunding Solutions

Easily relocatable and reusable, bunding solutions usually have collapsible or foam filled sides. They are specifically designed for ease-of-use and easy cleaning. Made from durable, oil and fat resistant, fuel and chemical resistant materials, construction linings are strong enough to be driven over.

Construction linings and similar bunding solutions are available in a range of standard sizes for common applications, but manufacturers can create them in any shape and size you require. These linings can also be fitted to collection sumps or drain points. Smaller, portable solutions come in a handy storage bag, if required.


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