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Access to land, guaranteed market and fair price with reasonable returns are some of the major challenges confronting young farmers in Nigeria making the industry less attractive;Our contributions to solving these problems and encourage both existing/interested farmers is why we rolled out the B.O Farms 5ha cassava deal…..We GIVE you the land to cultivate cassava and off-take all the produce at maturity at pr-agreed price. It’s still open but limited slots available. Act fast.

Some of the frequently asked questions on B.O farms free 5ha cassava deal…

Que:Do I have to be a farmer or have farming experience to participate?
Ans:No,Advisory services will be provided

Que:Do I have to be resident in Ogun state?
Ans:No,closeness to farm is however an advantage to aid monitoring

Que:Do I need to have all the money to start?
Ans:No,funding operations will be in phases

Que:Is the program just going to run for 2yrs?
Ans:No,operations agreement can be renewed for well managed allottees

Que:When I do I start operation after allotment
Ans:Immediately, we do not expect people to hold on indefinitely to land without operations,it can be revoked after 2months of inaction.

Que:Can I plant anything besides cassava?
Ans:No,the cassava is to feed our processing factory

Some of the needed equipment can be leased out at subsidized rate to interested allottees
Further questions and enquiries can be sent to:
email:[email protected]

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