African Swords – The Ethiopian Shotel and the Northern Takoba Sword

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African Shotel Sword

The Shotel has a curved shape and comes from Abyssinia which is part of Ancient Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a Land Locked State. Land Locked means there is land surrounding the entire continent. There are currently 44 Land Locked countries around the globe. Ethiopia is part of the Horn of Africa which is part of East Africa. Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries on the planet which has over 79.2 million people with Addis Ababa as the capital.

The curve of the Shotel blade happens to be practically a full half circle. The blade is sharp on both sides and is also flat with a cross section that is shaped like a diamond. The blade has an overall length of 40 inches, and the hilt is made from wood with the absence of any guard. The Shotel was transported with a leather sheath that fit close to the body. The Shotel was employed by mounted as well as dismounted troops.

The Shotel Sword was used in dismounted states and was used to hook their enemies by reaching around their shields as well as other defensive weapons their enemies decided to use. This weapon was used to throw an enemy soldier off his horse. This was a very effective weapon that was used heavily against armored calvary troops. It was also very effective in targeting the enemies kidney or lungs, since it was so good at reaching around defensive armor. It is made very similar to the Afar Gile.

African Takoba Sword

This weapon was used by the Taureg, which were from the Berber People. They were nomads which means they drifted from one place to the next, and were known for farming as well, particularly in the raising of livestock. They mainly resided within the inner portion of Northern Africa. One of the most noted features of the Takoba was that the point was rounded off, as well as 3 or more beveled grooves.

Since the Tuareg didn’t like touching iron, most of the handles were made from bronze or other non steel materials. Some people believe the Takoba was used only by the Warrior Class, but some believe that Vassals used it as well.


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