A Regular ATV Service – Keeping Your Quad in Peak Condition

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The all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, is a form of off-road vehicle which, over recent years, has become extremely popular among adventure seekers. This is partly down to the versatility of ATVs, or quad bikes as they are more commonly known. In the leisure industry they provide hours of fun for families on structured holidays or short breaks and enable office workers to tear around muddy tracks on fun-filled team-building days. Quad bike racing is a thriving and popular sport, available from an amateur to a professional level and is practiced by people of all ages, both in the UK and internationally. ATVs also perform a crucial role in industry and agriculture. ATVs serve as impressive multi-purpose farm vehicles, whilst at the same time performing a variety of non-agricultural duties. For instance, they are used in settings as varied as golf clubs, airports and beaches.

ATVs – with a reputation for toughness and durability

The main reason for the widespread use and popularity of ATVs is their remarkable toughness and sheer durability given the courses they are able to overcome. They are true workhorses that can keep on going for many years, though regular ATV service is of course required, as with any vehicle in frequent use. ATVs are made with flexibility in mind, but must be tough enough to endure all types of terrain, from otherwise impassable fields and scrubland, to snow-covered hills and valleys, and sandy beaches. Honda ATVs are particularly popular in the agricultural community, with a reputation for endurance. One farmer recently reported that a Honda he acquired in the 1970s was finally retired in the late 2000s with over thirty years of daily work behind it.

ATV service and repair still required

It cannot be stressed enough that ATVs, whether they are used for work or leisure, need regular servicing, in the same way that cars require an annual MOT. Wear and tear is unavoidable, even though any responsible owner will take steps to minimise it. Arranging a regular ATV service can help fend off any problems before they threaten to incapacitate a vehicle. This is particularly important bearing in mind the kinds of terrain ATVs are expected to negotiate, which can put considerable strain on the vehicle’s suspension.

An ATV service – some typical steps

In a standard ATV service the engineer will first perform a number of sophisticated diagnostic tests to check for any faulty components, with the aim of ensuring the bike is performing at its optimum level. If any components are found wanting, or even to have failed already, the engineer will either supply or order a replacement. The engineer will also thoroughly check the suspension and perform any necessary fixes or fine-tuning as required. Tyres, which are so crucial to ATV performance, will also be thoroughly tested and will be replaced if necessary. Crucially, the brakes will also be thoroughly tested and fixed as needed.

All in all, arranging that all-important ATV service will keep your ATV roadworthy for many years to come.


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