9 Costly Mistake in Vegetables Farming made by Beginners

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Vegetable farming appears to be easy to some people that is why they prefer growing them to other crops.But it is not as easy as you think because it requires proper management. If you will not have time for your vegetable garden don’t bother starting. Pest and disease are very common in vegetable farms as such you must visit your farm on a weekly basis. There are many mistake in vegetables farming made mostly by beginners. Such mistakes include; poor water management, weed management, soil management etc. In this post you will see a list of them in other to avoid such mistakes.

When people say they made millions in their cucumber farming never doubt it because vegetable farming is profitable. But profit comes after good management.

Cucumber farming in Nigeria

Costly Mistake in Vegetables Farming made by New Farmers

Poor management, Planting of poor quality crops, Poor water management, non staking, weed management etc

1. Poor Soil Management

Growing of crops in a poor Soil is recipe to failure in vegetables farming. This is because many vegetables especially the exotic ones are heavy feeders and will need plenty manure to do well. Good soil guarantees a healthy beginning from planting to harvest. As such, it is very important to carry out soil test before planting. Here are some vegetables that are heavy eaters; Cabbage, pepper, Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers etc.

2. Planting of Poor Quality Seeds

Another top mistakes New Farmers make in vegetables farming is planting of poor quality seeds. The truth is that poor seeds may not grow well or grow at all, some will become stunted if the manage to germinate. While others may not produce healthy fruits or produce at all. Some produce scanty fruits.
Planting of traditional seeds are gradually fading away and improve seeds are coming up. It is advisable that Farmers generally, should go for hybrid seeds. This is because they have good yield and are resistant to pest and diseases.

Cucumber farming, mistakes in vegetables farming

3. Poor Water Management

Water is very important in vegetables farming. Without water they will die and without enough water they will not be healthy.
Irrigation is very important for vegetable farming especially during dry season. Vegetables are more healthy, fresher during dry season if well irrigated. That is why dry season vegetable farming is the best in terms of commercial purposes. Farmers that engage in farming this Season make 5 times the profit compare to raining season.

It should be noted that vegetables farm are to be irrigated during raining season if there is shortage in rainfall or drought.

Vegetables doesn’t need too much of water that is why water leaf die or are unhealthy when the rain is too much. Make sure you make a path way for water to flow out after heavy rain or irrigation.

4. Planting too much

Some new farmers in a bid to manage space cluster seed in the farm whereas there should be enough space for plants to breath and receive sunlight. Planting too much of the seeds/seedlings than necessary is one of the mistakes in vegetable farming.

5. Spacing as one of the mistake in vegetables

Growing up, i usually follow my father to the farm to plant maize and cassava, i normally use my eye to determine the planting space….how funny. Now I know better. Accurate spacing will help your vegetable farm to do well.

6. Non maintenance Culture

Haven’t you seen some persons who plant vegetable and abandon it till harvest time. Grasses and other weeds compete with vegetable crops. If you delay in weeding the farm, the weeds will overgrow and cover the crops which is bad.  Another bad mistake in vegetables farming is leaving the plants to grow on their own without checking for pest or insects attack which is very common in vegetables. If you leave cucumber farm for more than 2  weeks without maintenance you may be counting losses.

6. Ignoring challenges

Lets assume the leaves are becoming yellowish, you should be worried because it may be as a result of many things, such as; lack of a particular nutrient, too much of water intake etc. No challenge should be ignored in any farming.

7. Not staking as a common mistake in vegetables farming

Some vegetable plants such as cucumber, pepper, tomatoes require staking for proper fruiting. Ugu may not produce plenty pod if they are not stake.

Cucumber farming, mistake in vegetables farming

8. Weed management

Some new vegetable farmers don’t know the actual time to weed the farm. As a matter of fact, weeding should be done as soon as the emerge for a healthy farm. This is one of the mistakes in vegetable farming that is ignored.

9. Not Harvesting on time is a common mistake in Vegetables farming

Vegetable crops should be harvested on time, vegetables are harvested at different times depending on the crop. Harvesting of cucumber starts from week 6, water melon 3 months if you delay, they fruits will rot.


Mistake in Vegetables Farming by beginners can be avoided, so get enough information about any crop you want to grow before embarking. These are the few common mistakes; poor management, weeding management, water management, staking, quality seeds for planting etc.


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