4 Types of Cosmetic Dental Surgery You Can Choose

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We all take care of our oral cavity and teeth; however, we suffer from various diseases. The mouth is the first area from where the germs can enter the body. If you do not take care of the teeth, we can face problems like chewing, biting and grinding. Even when the oral cavity has microbial infections, the foul smell comes out.

Therefore, it is always necessary to visit the dentist when you are going through such issues. Apart from dental diseases, you can have a broken or a bad shaped tooth that is causing problems while you are eating. So, what you can do? You can avail the services of cosmetic dentistry that is becoming popular in dealing with issues of an oral cavity.

Cosmetic or dental procedures are helping patients to get back their lost smile. These techniques help in correcting the wrong shape of the tooth, filling the gap in the cavity and whitening the dental surface. Here are some the popular dental restoration methods that you can know-

1. Crowns and Bridges

You can use the crown when you are having weak dental structure. It offers natural coloring to the yellow teeth. These items are long-lasting, offer natural functioning and made with the strong porcelain covering. You can also have these items if you are having bad shaped dental structures. If you are having some wrongly shaped teeth in the set, you can use the bridges to make them straight and of same shape and size.

2. Dentures

They are actually the detachable replacement of your missing tooth and the tissues next to it. They have the mixture of acrylic and metal to give a long-lasting effect. You can use the complete teeth set on both your natural dental set to replace the missing teeth.

3. Root canal Treatment

This procedure is applicable when you are facing the serious problem with your root canal. This technique is for saving your natural tooth. If the dentist finds that your root canal is dead or infection is there, he will surely suggest this method. It involves removing the damaged nerves and reducing the pain-causing agent.

4. Dental Implants

The dental implant is the artificial dental root which dentist insert in the jawbone to replace the old dead root. It acts as the support to hold the bridges. These implants help in improving the speech, help you to chew and eat properly.

These are the four cosmetic procedures that patients can take help to reduce all the dental issues. Before choosing any one of the treatments, you should consult an experienced dentist who is having enough knowledge in this field.


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